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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Death Of An Artist Christmas Show, Bournemouth Champions.

The amount of times I convinced multiple people I'd already paid entry and my stamp had rubbed off was ridiculous.

So on Friday Dan told me that Eyes Like Knives (ELK) where playing this show, and I was all the more gutted that I couldn't go due to lack of transport, as I'm good friends with Sandy & Dan as well as a standard fan of the band, also because I was gutted that I would miss The Smoking Hearts and Death Of An Artist (DOAA). After this a lot of shit went down for me personally and I got a wee bit too drunk, text Dan and convinced him to take me with him to the show on the next day.  Needless to say when my alarm woke up me up at ridiculous o'clock the next morning I had no memory of doing so, but since this kinda thing happens a lot I instinctively checked my message/notes and photos in my phone and quickly found out what I was doing! :)

I got to Salisbury at 2 and had to wait in the cold for the guys to come meet me for what felt like forever, and although we were meant to be in Bournemouth for 3.30, we left Salisbury at about 3.35. I sneakily managed to avoid paying entry to the show by hiding in the green room. Needing the loo was the worst because you had to leave the venue-y bit to go and upon reentering you had to show your stamp, which I didn't have, so every time I had to go out I'd stand have a conversation with whoever was on the door and be like 'BRB NEED TO PEE' and then come back in and continue the conversation, which was alright til the doorman changed and wouldn't let me back in til someone convinced him I'd just left to go for a shit. embarrassing.

Sandy, in the green room... stolen off of the Eyes Like Knives facebook

The bands all played amazingly, but I was particularly impressed with ELK's set just due to the amount of energy they had. Lewis and Sandy literally went mental on the floor, while Joe and Dan killed it on stage, the whole crowd went mad for it, not bad for the second band out of 9 to play?
The Smoking Hearts absolutely STOLE the show. They played beyond incredible, Ben had so much energy and was all over the place, getting up on the bar, pool tables, and at one point the only member of the band on stage was the drummer. Absolutely incredible!
DOAA were a bit of a disappointment for me personally, after watching Smoking Hearts. Yeah, the crowd went mental... but it juts seemed to be missing something, I'm not sure what... it just seemed kinda empty to me.

All in all I had a great night, which was much needed after the awful events of Friday... but I finished last night watching Home Alone, even got a cuddle out of it,  can't go wrong there. :)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

so that last post? yeah, irrelevant!

The Gentry Underground pulled outta the gig. Lame.

Friday, 2 December 2011

I've got that...

...awesome feeling you get when you find out that The George has listened to me and booked one of the bands I promote. I'm a happy bunny. :3