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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

bu-bye In On The Chase

Last night I went to The George to see We Caught The Castle, In On The Chase, The Fortunate and Jody Has A Hitlist... All bands played incredibly, but as per I was mainly there to see my good friends in IOTC this time in there final show as a band... It was absolutely brilliant, so proud of my buddies, and they definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night!

Other than IOTC and JHAH I didn't really catch the others as I was sitting at the merch table with Katie selling IOTCs tshirts, chatting to Katie, Sean, Zack, Jack and Gabelli. but when JHAH played they did good! I've always been a fan of there stuff even if they're not my favourite people in the world haha.

how to lose friends and alienate people

I should have been the author of that book, because apparently it's something I was really good at Friday night!  But every cloud has a silver lining, and with every friend I lost I've made at the very least two more! With my new relationship with Sean (well, we've been together nearly 2 months...) I've also gained some awesome new friends in Joe, Jack, Callum & Zack- they're gonna destroy my liver though!

some of the wednesday lot! L-R Jordan, Sarah, Beth, Joe, Lauren & Ro
The Wednesday Crew have been hitting town hard the last few weeks, normally resulting in some sort of drama and hilarious anecdote, including being started on by some fat woman and a disabled french man telling us he had filled up his nappy. It was annoying and hilarious respectively. I tell you though, £1.20 drinks will be the end of me!

me & stanley at the flat warming party.

Friday night just gone was an absolute blur. After about 10PM I don't remember much! I know I annoyed a lot of people, because of being loud etc... but I also know that I made a good friend in Stanley that night! We chatted for aaaages & sat in an empty bath tub for way over an hour. I have no idea whaaaat we were talking about for that long but I had a fun night so whatever!