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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

hi hello.

Well Blog… It certainly has been a while! Not that that means I’ve got much to say or that I’ve particularly done anything either. My life has been as exciting as per! Having said that, there are a few things that have changed! 

  • I left home! - Not to anywhere exciting or with anyone though, just in with my grandparents! Which is pretty cool, they’re unbelievably okay with how much I stay out, as long as they can get hold of me when they need to and I go to work they don’t mind!
  • Yup, I got a job! Crazy, right? Well, it’s at Odeon so its pretty fitting I guess and I get loads of free tickets! It has its ups and downs like the hours are really flexible so if I ever want an evening off for a gig they generally give it to me without me having to book it as holiday or something, but that’s also a real downfall as it makes it nearly impossible to make plans for the weekend as I don’t find out until the Wednesday beforehand if I’ll be working or not… 
  • I’m started wearing girly clothes & shoes. This one doesn’t need much explaining- I got a job, earned money and decided I was going to buy clothes that I genuinely wanted to wear, this includes lots of studs & ’wet look’ clothing! 

Other than that, everythings pretty normal- except my hair, I dyed my hair back to brown/blonde and since last weeks its been black again!  

see! :)

I don’t do much different with my time than the last time I posted, generally just going to the pub & going to gigs. I’ve been lucky enough to meet this guy called Alex through work and we go on lots of adventures, last month we went to a ‘John Hughes Pyjama Party’ at the Prince Charles cinema & it was brilliant! 12 hours of Hughes films, Ferris Bueller, Weird Science, Pretty In Pink, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck & The Breakfast Club were the entertainment for the evening and it was incredible getting to watch my favourite films on the big screen- something I wasn’t sure would ever happen. 

only a couple of photos from that day though, all stolen from Alexs Instagram! @AlexVsMothra

We went to Birmingham to see Don Broco recently as well. I’m extremely glad we went as everyone that went to the Southampton show said they didn’t play very well, but they absolutely killed it in Birmingham. We might be going to see them again in Oxford in April!

Other than that, very very little has happened, Christmas was uneventful & New Years isn’t something I really want to talk about (drunk dialling your mother who recently kicked you out is not a good idea, no matter what people tell you!). In all honesty,  I’m only really rebooting this blog as it gives me something to do when I’m stuck at home on my own- which is fairly often- instead of playing various Professor Layton games on my DS… so sit back, and try and enjoy my boring tales of drunken antics and gigs I’m probably lying about enjoying…

I'm beyond angry at whatever the reason is for all the photos from my previous posts to be removed, but whatever. no one reads this shit anyway.