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Monday, 26 September 2011

Keeping this blog upbeat...

...is becoming more and more difficult with every post! However, this weekend - up until Sunday - was one of the best I've had in a blooming long time.

Friday started with me waking up somewhere I had no idea of, obviously this means the night before was a good one? Yep! After getting a taxi back in to Andover I popped home for (not even lying) a power nap and got ready for the Jody Has A Hitlist gig... I was so excited for the gig, and the support acts where amazing! After I argued with a certain person, who then disappeared leaving JHAH with no idea where they were going, I got given the awesome task of making sure they got where they needed to go- a 'certain persons' house. So I took them there and we partied til the early hours of the morning until Ian, Rosie, Nicole, Ben, Franny, Drew & I were the last ones left and ended up just crashing...
I need to find out who the guy with his arms open is. hahaa..
I hate that there are barely any photos of me and the guys from Friday night... But I suppose that's the price you pay for being the one with the camera 99% of the time!

Saturday was definitely interesting. Nicole, Rosie & I woke up before all the guys and cotched outside smoking for a while, when all the guys got in the van to leave we all headed back to mine to eat loadsa bacon and get ready for the oooother gig at The George... Within Her Depth, POLAR & Shadows Chasing Ghosts. I've not actually got any pics from that gig, because I figured it'd be to brutal to try and photograph. I was half right- if I hadn't managed to get the spot I did I wouldn't have been able to take photos. 
After the gig I ended up in After Dark with the girls again, who then left me with some middle aged men that wanted to bum me, so I hid outside and started talking to Fab from POLAR, then got talking to the rest of the band and eventually ended up in their van drinking tooooo much and having to leave at 4AM cause i really needed a wee... 

Sunday? we just shouldn't talk about Sunday. 

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