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Friday, 21 October 2011

Saying hello to the new venue...

I can only hope young seany boy doesn't mind me using this photo of him on here!

So it's been a while since my last post, a lot has happened, but at the same time nothing has really happened... Lets start with the George.
It closed a few weeks ago for a refurbishment, out with the old and in with the new. After not really posting much about the old venue its self, it's kinda difficult to explain the new one? Basically it's just absolutely beautiful now and I cannot wait for the first gig they put on. Cerebral Ballzy. Gonna be incredible for gigs, and the beautiful piece of art behind Sean up there ^ was done by a friend of mine, Alan Clarkson and is the first thing you see when you walk in to the new venue. They even have beanbags in there now = instant win in my mind.

The hour prior to the grand reopening must have been hilarious for someone walking past that didn't know what was going on. I have never seen so many middle aged metal heads decked out in leather jackets and band merchandise as I did that night.
For anyone aware of the George, you'll know that the 'Top Bar' is the alternative music venue and the 'Bottom Bar' is a pole dancing club with the smoking area for both bars opposite the entrance to the bottom bar. Walking up the alley way to go in that night I was greeted by chavs and half naked women on one side of the pavement waiting to go in to the bottom bar hearing club music- so I sneakily gave the doorman a quick hug and he let me jump the queue to buy a pint- and on the other side, the smoking area, filled with metal heads blaring Pantera through an iPod dock complaining about how cold they were and 'why is it not 10 yet, I wanna see the new bar'. I have never seen the George so full in my life, not for any gigs, apart from maybe POLAR the other weekend and it was incredible, everyone was mashed and happy and having a good time.

Have a picture of me, Damen and Brad absolutely wankered. whatta nighttttttttttt!

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