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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Well, it's certainly been a while!

Wassup blogger! I apologise for my lack of posts, but that's quite simply because I have become boring and have had nothing to blog about this past month... So don't be surprised when I say, there ain't a whole lot that's changed since my last post!

Stigger and I broke up, but we're back together now and to be honest I think we needed the break up as we're much better this time round than the last- I think anyway, he may think differently though- but I'm happy so whatever! I'm actually writing this from his bed watching The Cure at Reading coverage, he's down stairs with Claire, but that isnt something I need to talk about on the Internet.

I finished college... Badly... But finished nonetheless. I got 2 Ds in my Film exams, not the good 'D for distinction' either, and have decided to take a year out before going to uni, a decision I immediately regret but I know it's in my best interest so I'll just have to grin and bare the next 12 months (that is if Solent even accept me again, so here's hoping!).

I got my blonde stripe back. Yup, I am that desperate for something to talk about that I have started talking about my hair. Here, have a picture...

And just because I can, here is a photo of me and Stigger

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