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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New blog? oh go on then...

This is my least favorite part of starting a blog- and trust me, I've started a few in my time. I never know quite what to write, should I tell the few of you that may read this about myself? Or just leave it because it's all stuff you'll find out by reading my blog... But if I don't then what else am I supposed to write?

I guess I'll go with your standard brief overview...
I'm Ash and I'm your typical 18 year old girl. I drink, smoke, party, I like to pretend I can make music, take photos + make films.

The best things in life are free. Apart from the really good gigs- those are always worth a few quid.
I just like chillin' out with the people I love basically.
Yeah that's about it.

So this new blog of mine is just going to be me talking about what I want to talk about, nothing to do with my tumblr unless I take photos from here to there etc... Hopefully some people might be a little bit interested in what I do so on and so forth :)

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