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Monday, 5 September 2011

neglecting the internet.

The last two/three weeks have no been my best, to be honest they've probably been the worst few weeks I've had in a very long time. Lewis & I split up and I've gone a little bit 'weird' since, in the sence that I'm partying + gigging more, drinking + smoking more & ultimately sleeping about an hour a night and just generally being a dick to most of the people around me. I know that's the worst way to deal with it, but it's not like anyone actually cares, right?

This weekend was scary. Stigger invited me to go and see Sondura and Orestea at Joiners in Southampton. So Keegan drove me, Stig + Adam there in his tour van thingy- I got waaay to drunk and basically I nearly passed out behind joiners. God bless Stigger for paying out what he did for me to get home. I literally just want to cry when I think about last night. That photooo up there is probably taken in the last 10 seconds I could stand. I need to stop drinking so much, I'm actually really scared after last night hahaa.

Last night was hilarious.. when I eventually sobered up and ate something/could walk again/wasn't high, Rosie, Nicole and Charlie came and picked me up in Charlies Landrover we ended up having a lovely pizza party in an industrial estate with a tonne of people I barely know. One of them wants to take me to the cinema actually :o hahaa fun times. But yeah these guys are stars and have been brilliant + there for me when I've been so self destructive over the last few weeks. Love dem.

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