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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

a little bit of this and that. a 'brief' about me, basically.

Let's be fair, this is probably the only posed photo of myself that will ever grace this fine website.
So yeah, this is me. I'm wearing a Jody Has A Hitlist tee, I got it for like £2 cause Gabelli, their merch guy, spilt his beer all over it and he needed to get rid of it- so me being the mug I am gave him £2 for it.
I used to love that band so much more than I do now, it's different when they've unknowingly caused me so much hassle this last month.

It kinda dawned on me earlier that I don't really post on here often, only after shows or gatherings or i've had some sort of small epiphany... I'm not gonna sit here and say that's gonna change- cause it really wont. I'm 18 and I've already learnt not to make promises I can't keep. Ady'll ask me to work a gig for him and I will literally be like 'I'll go and take photos- whether they ever make it off the camera is a completely different story' and strangely enough he's fine with it. Bless that man & the bands that have appreciated my work (mainly only the Mascots 'cause they were dolls about the whole thing), because they've actually enabled me to feel like I can do it and like I should carry on.

I'm toying with the idea of either keeping this blog how it is now, moving it on to tumblr, or just keeping it as a photography blog. I dunno, I'm basically to lazy to do anything (it's a wonder I've kept typing this long) so this blog'll probably stay exactly the same- being updated once or twice a month with my trivial stories involving musicians, bands and too much alcohol.

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