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Monday, 23 January 2012

viva la In On The Chase!

Last night was spent sat in an empty pub watching In On The Chase rehearse for upcoming shows, brain storming video ideas, and smoking a lot of cigarettes considering the short amount of time we were there...
I am getting a little worried about this music video though, as I had my heart set on doing a live music video & they've got literally no shows lined up... I was hoping to have a video done in time for uni interviews etc so I could put it as part of my portfolio, but for that to happen I'll have to try and come up with a completely different idea. I'm getting far too stressed and worked up about this video, but I'm determined to make something great!
As for the rehearsal itself, I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for every one to hear the new stuff I heard last night! I was amazed the first time I heard it- then got told that was the first time it'd been played the whole way through? My jaw may aswell have hit the floor...

Although I do have footage of their amazing new stuff, I don't wanna show any one til they've agreed to release it! So here's a video of them faffing about basically... and evidence of why Robby shouldn't do vocals!

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