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Friday, 17 February 2012

Another week working with In On The Chase

considering I post here very rarely, two posts in one evening is absolute madness!

Thought I'd post a quick one about all the stuff I've been doing with In On The Chase this week. I've ended up as their merch girl, meaning the George show with Jody Has A Hitlist could be an interesting one... I've also ended up in charge of taking the promo photos for their tshirts, but I have no idea how I'm gonna present them, then I have to edit the photos and urgh it's just a lot of work. I've also got to finish writing their bio aswell... cor, I do a lot for those guys!

They've also got a new member! Codi's joined which meant I had to do a whole new promo shoot really last minute during their rehearsal times... But I got a few good shots!

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