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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Knee Deep Presents... @ The Star Inn- Guilford

Will Kent from Within Her Depth

After an absolutely ridiculous night of drinking last night, the last thing I really wanted to be doing this evening was going to what was essentially a hardcore show- but I promised the promoter that I'd be there after he promised to give me two mars bars in return, and I'd already gone through a lot of hassle trying to find out if Dan could give me a lift there... Armed with my camera and a pair of sunglasses to hide the hangover I got picked up at four by the Eyes Like Knives boys and we set sail for the wondrous guilford! (I sat in silence for an hour while Chris and Lewis talked about guitars and other shit I don't understand).
We arrived pretty early, and had a wander up a really steep hill, then back down again because we realized Guilford really isn't that great and there's not a whole lot to see so we unloaded the equipment and retreated back in to the venue.

It wasn't long before my good friends in Within Her Depth turned up, so after a much needed catch up with their bassists' girlfriend (one of my best friends from school) WHD took to the stage to open the show- It was definitely one of the best times I'd seen them play even if Will did seem to knacker himself out by the last few songs- but all in all they played a good strong set and pleased the crowd, even though it was nearly impossible to get them moving.
Next up where Eyes Like Knives who had so much energy from the very beginning of their set, but they need to learn to pace themselves as they all burned out after 2 or 3 songs, there was something different about these tonight- there energy and stage presence went beautifully hand in hand and made for a entrancing show, I couldn't take my eyes off of them! The guys were playing incredibly the whole way through but unfortunately a lack of communication (or just members of staff being absolute idiots) resulting in the band being told they had 10 minutes longer to play than was planned for, meant they didn't get a chance to play 'The Lurcher' which I'd say was probably their best known track as they've recently released a video for it-

After Eyes Like Knives finished there set and we packed everything away I got a but caught up in the whole socializing side of things and only caught a few tracks from the rest of the bands but from what I saw/heard they were all brilliant, The Divided really impressed me and they actually managed to get a bit of movement from the audience and Mind Set A Threat where great to watch because of the shear amount of energy they had on stage- I was getting knackered just watching them! In League disappointed me a bit though- I didn't think much of their clean vocals and to me they didn't really seem to really pull together or get that great of a crowd reaction. But I've got the upmost respect for them and what they're doing! They are an Australian band that've been touring the US and Europe since October... that's a long time to be living on the road playing shows.

The journey home was a long one, I got a lift home with Within Her Depth to save Dan having to drive the extra distance from Andover to Shrewton... we got a wee bit lost and ended up chanting Yearbook songs at eachother whilst I struggled to stay awake- and now I'm sat on Katies living room floor writing this because I'm  not allowed to go to bed until her little brother's gone to get the coach for the college trip he's going on.

You have no idea how well I'm going to sleep tonight!

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