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Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm genuinely too angry to actually come up with a title... wow...

I know this blog doesn't get a whole lot of attention, not from people that know me personally at least... But I also know that it does reach some people, how you found this blog is something I'm completely confused by- but I'm so grateful that you read it... 

I'm sorry for the upcoming rant, because I know it probably wont make sense or will probably come across incredibly hypocritical/egotistical... But I'm beyond angry at the moment... (surprise surprise there!)

I think one of my biggest pet peeves is people that literally preach bullshit they have no idea about on the internet, out done only by my hatred for respected people that preach stuff they maybe sorta understand on the internet- to people that will buy in to their every word & feed their egos, generally these people are something to do with the music industry either being a promoter, writer or even in a band. I just get so angry when someone feels the need to blog about how shit another band is, or how 'they were printed in Kerrang! so clearly no one that posts in their ask box is good enough to talk to them'.. the latest one is slightly different, talking about how fans are essentially shit nowadays.

Okay, of course you're entitled to that opinion! But why post it on a social networking site where all your fans can and probably will read it, then promote that post on every other social networking site you're a member of...

No wonder you fall victim to the issues you describe in the post. Issues that you probably shouldn't be talking about because you're just pointing out the flaws in the work you do actually.

oooh burn.

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