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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

(a not so) Happy Birthday to me!

Last night I turned the big 1-9! The weather was glorious, the costumes fantastic and the drama at... an unbelievable high...

Friday night I did go on a bit of a mad one and stayed at Stiggers, luckily for me (!) he had work at 9 o'clock Saturday morning and was kind enough to wake me up at 7.30, so in turn I woke the rest of the house to tell them all it was my birthday :). After we got a taxi in to town I stumbled through to my Nans house and then back in to town to go shopping with her... eventually getting picked up by Dad who took me home to sleep off my hangover...

Saturday was quite literally spent asleep, until 3 when Katie came and picked me up and we went back to hers where I got to open presents! I got a beautiful little union jack trinket box & some snooker shot glasses, Jenny even made me an amazing cake!

Then we had a beautiful BBQ in the sun & waited for Mez to pick us up so we could get ready to go out. It was a long and stressful process, so stressful that I nearly cried... buuuuut eventually we were ready in our fancy dress get-ups, and went to meet Mike, Chris, Emily, Kelvin, Ange and Katie at Spoons.

Katie, Me & Mez

After a chat with Stig, we decided to leave and head for Life... only to be stopped when Stig play Nickleback - Rockstar which we all started dancing too... but eventually we did get to Life where we were just essentially harrassed by squadies. But a birthday booth was reserved for me, even if it was under the name 'Ashliegh', and I got to drink Champagne and dance, it was good!  About 1.30 Sophie rang and said she was outside, so I left the guys in Life & tried to get in to Piston, since I left my ID in Life it didn't really end brilliantly. So we mooched back to the George and waited to Jon, Stig, Martin, Katie and Belfast.

cue my night going to shit!
I got to listen to my boyfriend argue with his ex-girlfriend, then sit in his living room while every one was moody and he was on the phone to his ex-girlfriend. so all in all 'spending the night at Stigs to spend some time with him on my birthday' definitely suuuuucked!

Sunday was no better either.. but that's a day I don't even want to think about for a long time.

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