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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In On The Chase @ The George, Andover

I'm opening this post with a photo of me and the beautiful Hannah Bolsover, In On The Chase vocalist extraordinaire! She's a wonderful musician and knows what she's doing behind a mic.
I think I got pretty lucky being good friends with a local band that are doing well for themselves- even luckier that they like my work.

As always they put on a brilliant show! Hannah gave me all the shots I was hoping for... It's just been so long since I last photographed a gig that I forgot that you don't always get to fully enjoy a show you're photographing. When I was a bit younger than I am now, about 14/15 and I decided I wanted to get in to music photography, one of the main things that swayed my decision was that I'd basically be being paid to go and watch shows. Once that's happening (minus the pay of course as I'm currently being paid in booze and soon ~hopefully~ merch if I can twist some arms) you quickly discover that you don't always get to enjoy a set as your mind is definitely on other things. I was thankful to my friend Katie though as she offered to photograph a song or two so I could have a nice little dance with Sav :) .

This is one of my favorite shots I've edited so far... unfortunately there was an issue with my camera battery so I didn't get to sort out the settings as well as I had hoped, that paired with the fact I was using a Nikon instead of the Canon I'm used to also didn't help. I was stressing out and panicking some what as I had planned to use the opening bands set as a chance to sort out camera settings + levels etc but when the battery died and I had to leave it behind the bar to charge I had to make do with the fact I'd be using a flash as to not miss the first two/three songs of IOTCs set as these were the songs that really got the crowd going and that's what I needed to get the shots I was hoping for.

Haven't finished editing yet though and I've still got a mountain of images to go through and edit... so here's hoping they all turn out satisfactory!

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