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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

"who IS the ketamine cow?!" - hevy fest 2011!

I had an incredible weekend, after we queued outside the fest for 4 really hot yucky hours. But once we finally got in at about 7/7.30 we had to hurry and sort out our stuff + tents etc so we could catch Giants(who were just brilliant may I add)then got a lil bit merry and watched Tek One. Unfortunately I didn't really get to see them and I’m totally gutted but from what I could hear they were awesome!

Zebrahead, Four Year Strong + Defeater literally blew my mind. I’m so glad I’ve finally got to see Zebrahead and they were amazing! So much energy on stage, it was ridic. FYS were amazing, they really got the crowd going… and I’ve just got no words for how brilliant Defeater were, I am honestly lost for words.

Polar + what I saw of Ghost Of A Thousand were awesome, but I got really really ill a few songs in to GOAT’s set so I missed there last show :/ and I missed Architects aswell because of how ill I was… but bless Brom for staying in the tent with me during Architects set :( and NO, no I didn’t see Touche Amore & La Dispute because I to busy watching Zebrahead.

Proper list of bands I saw;
Giants, Tek One, Polar, Ghost Of A Thousand, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hang The Bastard, Bastion, The Afterparty, Defeater, Zebrahead, Funeral For A Friend, Four Year Strong, Heart In Hand.

Yeah, all in all I had a really good weekend.. met some awesome people, went to the zoo with Andy and Adam which was rad ‘cause me and andy just spent absolutely ages in the gift shop playing with all the little toys.. :3

The nights were ridiculous! One night I was woken up by a pretty large group of yoofs chanting about finding 'Milky' and 'Little Kid Do Something' then we woke up the next morning to Brooks tent covered with Red paint or something down one side with 'THE KETAMINE COW WILL STRIKE AGAIN' it was pretty weird to say the least!
Then on the sunday night there was a thunder + lightning storm so Brom and I hid out in our tent til it passed then went on a rather intoxicated hunt for Chris for AAAAGES- only to find out that he was passed out in his tent.

All in all I actually had a really good weekend, I'm real glad I was convinced to go... best weekend I've had in a loooong time!

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