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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Well, this Easter weekend has been a pretty heavy one...
Wednesday consisted of the standard wednesday night ting, with Joe, Jordan, Sarah, Robyn & Lewis, it was brilliant! Until we all decided to carry on partyin' at Jordans house- at which point we got as far as Tesco where Joe, Callum & Sam where and I made callum take me home. then Jordan phoned and I ended up walking back paaast tesco to go stay at Jordans where we drank hella whiskey and watched the drum and bass awards at 4AM.
some how we ended up with toblerone on wednesday. Me, Jord, Ro. :)

Thursday was good too, went out with Katie and Tim and ended up spending most of the evening with Sian, Jack, Lewis, Callum and Sam. It was such a laugh, glasses where getting broken and ridiculous dance moves where getting cracked out- the amount of times I did the sprinkler was ridiculous...
Friday I ended up absolutely obliterated. I went to the George for a quiet pint with Stig then went and met Alana for a bit... Got back to the George and just ended up wankered with Martin and Matt Horton moshing to Feeder.Then at 2 when the George closed, I attempted to walk home but some really bad jokes were made that really offended me and so triggered a two hour heart to heart with Matt after some guy puked on my filters.
Saturday Hell, Saturday I don't even knooow what happened... at the gig I was chatting to some guy who i don't even remember, drank way to many jack&cokes in tooo little time with my Dad, got hammered. From when Alana had to leave the George at 11, and when I was at Rosies at 2.30 i remember noooothing. I spent ages in Rosies kitchen talking to Martin, had a heart to heart with Belfast before bed, cried down the phone to Alana because her car had moved, and had to sleep under like 3 hoodies because I had no quilt or anything. Saturday was just generally ridiculous.

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