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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"I've lost the vodka... again..."

Was pretty much my motto for Friday night! To be fair though, it was actually nicked. 
I spent all of last week debating with myself as to whether or not I was going to go to the house party that was being held by a girl who lives a few houses away from me, considering we hadn't spoken since I was 14 and her folks absolutely despise me I was pretty confused as to why I'd been invited- but a few friends from college who had also been invited convinced me it'd be a good idea! So I got ready and headed to Asda to meet them, bought booze and baccy and headed on over to the party. It was pretty dead when we got there, but us being the oldest and wiser, more experienced of the guests (and some how we deemed this as reasonable logic) decided to make sure we were obliterated to show the 16y'olds how it's really done. I did pretty well, leaving the party at 4 and waking up outside my bedroom door an hour later...
Unfortunately though, south street decided to crash the party- which I wouldn't have minded had they not bought a certain lad with them. Now, I'm not close to my family and as much as she talks shit about me I will always stick up for my younger sister so when (at the age of 14) her boyfriend (of the same age) cheats on her by sleeping with two other girls then I certainly won't be happy when he decides to try and crash a party I'm at. Thank fully Kim dragged me upstairs before I kicked off too bad and she kicked him out! 
Unfortunately the only photo that actually got taken of me at the party was this one...
...which I've just noticed looks as though I've got a hand coming out of my tutu. But all in all shows how pretty wasted I was? Considering I don't remember wearing a tutu and I didn't wake up with it on?

Other than this party, I've had a generally really interesting week or two... I've met some really cool people and spent a hell of a lot of time hanging out with Alana, Katie, Ross and Josh, playing the Deal or No Deal board game at Katies house and eating an ungodly amount of KFC. I've drifted away from people, but I know that they're still there for me if I need them & I've had a lot of time to my self- which has been nice! I always underestimate how could it can be to just have a few days to my self. Next I've got Saturday to look forward to, Swindon with the girls to see The Dead Lay Waiting, which reminds me that I need to sort out my camera to see if I can get any photos for the review, and it'd be nice to be able to speak to Luke for longer than 5 minutes! - It'll be nice to get away from Andover for an evening at least...

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