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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May Bank Holiday

It was undoubtedly a heavy one... & it started last Wednesday with the usual 'life - antics'...

Me beaut mug, with Sean, Sophie, Callum, Coops and Jack chillin in the background

...with Sean, Callum, Coops, Jack, Lewis and the girls Sophie, Jaimie & Sian.  The night started with a cheeky fag with Freddy, Jack, Ben and Sleepy Kid, then met with Coops & had a quick drink at the George whilst waiting for all the others to finish their charity quiz at Propaganda. Once they did we headed to Life for the standard Wednesday night ting. Get shiiiiitfaced, something we do quite well on £15 each with drinks being £1.20... Callum- my Life dance partner- bust out those moves like nobodies business and then they all left at closing time, leaving me to wait for Katie to finish work. (definitely found £20 on the floor on the way back to hers though)

Thursday I stumbled in to college for my two hours of film, hungover as anything, and spent them chatting to Marcus... Then for unknown reasons I decided to go see Yearbook, a band I'm not a massive fan of. Buuuut they were pretty good, and I got to see Ben on his birthday which was awesome! Then for some reason I volunteered Martin & Myself to help push start some guys mini, buuut the police turned up and jump started it... Afterwards I was halfway home and Stig and Martin came and got me, then I ended up staying at theirs...

Friday, after attempting to shake the absolutely horrendous hangover I had by sleeping near enough aaaall day, Alana picked me up and we mooched on over to Basingstoke for Nandos, then after driving back to Andover Millie phoned and asked if we wanted to go to her dads gig in b'stoke- which we did... It was pretty good! But it was so hot in the venue we spent most of the night sat in the back bit trying not to die & judging all the locals. They dropped me off back in town and I had a catch up with Bill at Redbridge, went baaack to the George and got drunk with Sophie, Martin & Jon.. then 2 taxis later myself, Katie, Nathan, Martin, Stig, Sophie and Jon were back at their house having a 'make up' 80s night because Sophie & I missed the actual one. A game of Roxanne later and I was pretty drunk consoling an upset Sophie until we all decided to go to bed.

Saturday was spent chillin out, watching Spongebob and trying to make bacon sandwiches as a 'team'... then Sophie was amazing enough to let me tag along in her taxi back in to town where I hung out at home til my Dad rang me, so instantly I agreed to go out in town with him... me, Dad, Browner & Taff started out at The White Hart, then on to Redbridge (quite possibly my favourite place to drink with my Dad because the banter with the door staff is hilarious)... next was on to the Foresters, a place where I am normally the youngest person in their, halfway through my pint a bunch of lads from college turned up which was quite weird but I said my hellos and we left and went to the Central Club, where amazingly I stumbled upon my friend Reece's gig- and got royally fucked over by my Dads mates who sent me in to the Gents toilets because I was drunk enough to believe whatever it was they told me... Then after a real quick pint in the Lardy Cake I went straaaaight back to the George, pissed as anything. I have no real recollection of after that point.

Sunday I slept, I slept a lot. Martin & I watched The Princess Diaries & Then headed back in to town for the Sondura show. Sondura were incredible as per... I missed the headline band though, as I went to Chico land for chippiesssssss. Afterwards there was a lot of skankin'... then a lot of shouting... and I ran off home quick...

Monday & Today have been horrid. I woke up with a horrible fluey/cold thing... and I've barely moved since :( I'm in dire need of some sympathy and someone to look after me.

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